Saturday, March 6, 2010

Fungicide Resistance Management Guidelines for Vegetable Crops Grown in the mid-Atlantic region -2010

Loss of effectiveness and resistance of disease organisms to fugicides is a major problem in the vegetable industry in Delaware.  Plant pathologists in the mid-Atlantic region have put together an excellent guide to help growers, crop advisors, and applicators manage fungicides used in vegetable crops.  It is called "Fungicide Resistance Management Guidelines for Vegetable Crops Grown in the mid-Atlantic region -2010"

Below is a example from the page on watermelons.  Click on table for a larger version in a new window.

You can download the whole publication here.

Friday, February 26, 2010

FDA Wants Your Comments on Produce Food Safety

The Food and Drug Administration has announced that by the end of 2010, the Agency will issue a proposed rule to establish safety standards for the production and packing of fresh produce.

The ultimate purpose for such standards is a goal we all share: to reduce the risk of illness associated with fresh produce.

The usual process is for FDA to issue a proposed rule and then take comments. But this time, we want to go one step further – we want to actively engage our stakeholders while we’re still in the development phase of such a rule.

That’s why we have opened a docket (Federal Register notice location: ) to receive information before a proposed rule is written. Doing it this way will help us develop the scope of the rule to reflect the realities of production and packing in produce operations.

The discussion on this complex and diverse segment of our food supply needs to be fueled and informed by the expertise and on-the-ground knowledge of those who grow, harvest and pack fresh produce.

That’s why we need to hear from you. We urge you and your colleagues to think about and submit comments to us under this docket over the next 90 days.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Wind Break Alternatives Planted in Late-Winter or Early-Spring for Spring Planted Vegetables


Due to the wet fall in 2009, many vegetable growers on Delmarva were not able to plant small grain windbreaks such as winter rye in fields slated for watermelons, cantaloupes, and other vegetable crops in spring of 2010.

To download a full factsheet in PDF form click here. Otherwise continue by clicking on read more.